A specialized and dynamic management team


Chief Executive OfficerEnrique Díaz-Rato Revuelta más info

Civil Engineer and graduate in Economic Science with an MBA from the School of Industrial Organization (EOI), he joined the Ferrovial Group in 2000 as President and Director of Chilean highways. In 2004, he was transferred to Canada as President and CEO of the 407 ETR and, since April 2007, he is a member of the Management Committee of Ferrovial. "I am convinced I am managing an infrastructure-based company leader in its field which will continue to be committed to the most innovative projects".

    Corporate Development and Business DirectorCarlos Ugarte Cruz-Coke más info

    Business Management and Economics graduate from the University of Chile and MBA and MSBA from the University of Southern California (US), he joined Cintra in 1998. He has developed his career as North American Projects Manager and previously Financial Manager of Cintra Chile. "We often face complex projects of questionable profitability. But the creativity and perseverance of our teams succeed in materializing these projects in spite of their apparent impossibility".

    Chief Financial OfficerFrancisco Clemente Sánchez más info

    Graduate in Economic Science and MBA from the Instituto de Empresa, he joined the Ferrovial Group in 1987 and has been the Financial Director of Cintra since 2002. "Our plans involve continuing to manage our existing projects with the intention of optimizing costs, and following up the markets which most interest us: the US, Canada and Europe".

    Operations Director Nicolás Rubio de Cárdenas más info

    Civil Engineer. He joined the Ferrovial group in 1987 and in 2000 was appointed Technical and Tendering Manager. He has occupied the post of CEO US since July 2009. "The consolidation of Cintra as a leader in the private promotion of highways in the North American market is the result of the hard work, determination, professionalism and creativity of an extraordinary team. Our challenge and the main focus of our attention is to promote and operate the projects that the Public Authorities, users and our shareholders have put in our hands successfully and live up to expectations".

    Human Resources and Communication DirectorIván González García más info

    Graduate in Political Science and Sociology, he holds a Master in Human Resources and Organization from ESIC (Business Marketing School) and a Senior Management Course from the IESE Business School. "Steady growth, globalization and the complexity of our business all require a committed workforce oriented towards customers and results. We employ the best and most highly qualified experts!".

    Legal Counseling DirectorJavier Romero Sullá más info

    Graduate in Law, he joined the Ferrovial Group in 1991. He has worked as Corporate Legal Counseling Manager of the Ferrovial Group and Legal Counseling Manager of Ferrovial Services. He was appointed Secretary of the Board of Directors of Cintra on 24th June 2008. "The main function of the legal department is to study and analyse the legal risks inherent in the projects in which we participate, and to collaborate in achieving the required profitability, all within the framework of the currently applicable legislation".

    Economic and Financial Analysis DirectorCarlos Ramirez Belaustegui más info

    Holder of a degree in Economics and Business Sciences from the Pontifida de Comillas University-ICADE and has taken part in the IESE Business School´s Management Development Program. Joined Cintra in 1998 and during his professional career with the company he has been a Financial Analyst and Head of the Economic-Financial Analysis Department in the Corporate and Business Development Division. He has been Cintra´s Economic-Financial Director since April 2013. "In our division, we appraise and analyse the profitability of all our investments to identify and quantify their risks to ensure that our shareholders always have the information that they need to make the best possible decisions. The study of new investments allows us to find solutions that maximise our competitiveness, minimise risks and achieve the rates of return required by our shareholders"

    USA DirectorBelén Marcos Cortés más info

    She holds a Civil Engineering degree from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and a Master’s degree in Transport Infrastructures from the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees de Paris. She joined Cintra in 1999, in 2015 she was named CEO of Dallas Highways (NTE, LBJ and NTE 35W) in the United States Division. Since October 2016 she has held the position of Director of United States Highways. The aim of the USA Division is to develop highly complex projects to create greater value, contributing to the economic development of areas where it operates, positioning Cintra as a leader in creating solutions to congestion problems.

    Europe and new markets DirectorJosé Ángel Tamariz Goncer más info

    José Ángel joined Cintra in 1999 as Director of Development at Cintra Aparcamientos, and since then he has held various positions within the organisation, such as Director of the Project Development Department for Cintra, Director of Ireland and CEO of Eurolink Motorway. In 2009 he was appointed as Director of Canada and CEO of the 407 ETR Highway. Jose-Angel Tamariz-Martel holds a MSc in Civil Engineering from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and a postgraduate degree from London Business School.

    Canada DirectorAndrés Sacristán Martín más info

    Andrés joined Cintra in 2001, and since then, he has held various positions, both in the car parks and highways divisions. In 2010 he was appointed Director of Spain and in 2013, Director of Europe and New Markets. Since 2017, he is Director of Canada and CEO of the 407 ETR Highway. Andrés Sacristán holds a MSc in Civil Engineering from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.