We look for attractive investment projects, independently of where they are and we manage them in an efficient manner in order to provide maximum quality of service

Our strategy is focused on growth through the search for the best investment opportunities, independent of their geographic location. We efficiently manage these portfolio assets to improve their risk profile and to provide the user with a quality service.

This strategy's development has led us to roll out and develop a major international presence. 41% of turnover and 30% of Gross Operating Profit come from projects outside USA. We are currently operating in Canada, US, Spain, United Kingdom, Portugal, Ireland and Greece. We manage a total of 26 concessions that add up to around 1,242 miles.


Attractive asset portfolio

The assets in Cintra's portfolio have a high potential for generating value. They are principally explicit toll projects, where the concession holders profitability is not capped.

The main assets are at the initial phases of their activity cycle. The number of years left on the concession is very high. The tariff systems are attractive, making it possible in many cases to make annual tariff increases over and above inflation rates.


Reduced risk profile

The projects in which Cintra invests have a reduced risk profile, since they are public services provided under a regime of limited competition, with stable, predictable income and expenses, and sited in countries that are politically and economically stable.

In addition, we minimise our project building risks, by means of contracts with closed prices and time limits, and closed financial contracts too, by means of project finance structures thus avoiding the need to resort to the shareholder, and in the local currency.


The team

Cintra is one of the biggest private highway developers in the world, both by number of projects and by volume of investment.

Cintra, however, is more than its asset portfolio. With over 1,676 employees, including its subsidiary companies, it has a technical and financial team specialising in the detection, analysis and preparation of bids for new projects.

At the same time, Cintra's Human Resources policy is designed to train teams continuously, who can take charge of managing the new concessions, which the company wins every year.