Our growth strategy is based on our search for the best investment opportunities and the efficient management of our investments

Our objective is to reduce the risk profile of the company. We manage a portfolio of projects with high potential for creation of value and controlled risk.

This strategy has enabled us to become one of the leading private developers of transport infrastructure in the world.


Continuous growth

The result of this policy is the constant increase in the number of concessions held by the company since its foundation. We currently manage a portfolio of 27 concessions. We operate in Canada, US, Spain, United Kingdom, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Colombia, Slovakia and Australia. Thus we manage a total of 1,232.8 miles of highway and an investment of more than 20.8 B€


Low risk profile

The projects in which we invest have low risk profiles because they are public services provided within a limited competition structure, with stable income and expenses and with long concession terms. In this way the phases of economic cycles tend to be canceled out.

Additionally we only submit tenders in economically stable countries, and which have independent judicial systems.