Growth in an increasingly
complex and competitive environment


Business Model

We compete for new concessions based on the competitive advantages of the direct, active and efficient management of our portfolio of current projects. Once awarded, we reduce or eliminate risks throughout the operation period, progressively increasing the value of the concession.

Competitive Edge

Over the course of our 50 year history, we have created a series of competitive advantages in successfully bidding for new infrastructure and transportation concessions. These advantages are based on a uniquely diverse and complex asset portfolio managed by our highly specialized team.



Growth is possible only by being at the forefront of transport technology and having the credibility of our stable presence in different markets.


We maintain a relationship of trust with our partners in the Public and Private sectors.

We establish long-term relationships with those who share our business goals. For each project, we select the partners whose risk profile aligns with that unique project in order to build the consortium with the best competitive edge. Our partners value our ability to identify and mitigate the various risks of a project and manage a concession.

We collaborate with administrations throughout the world to provide solutions which guarantee quality projects and accelerated delivery time. Our goal is to give all parties involved peace of mind throughout the process.

Succes Stories


We manage 2,072 km of highways around the world, providing transportation solutions to ease congestion and enhance mobility.

  • 407 ETR

    An icon in the world of infrastructure. This highway was the world’s first fully automated free flow tolling project.


    The LBJ Express and the North Tarrant Express are two of the leading managed lanes projects with dynamic pricing.

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