Campaign 21/01/2019

Cintra employees donate more than one ton of food

As part of the solidarity campaign entitled "Collaborate starts with a C, like Cintra"
that took place in the final months of 2018, a total of 1,334 kilos of food were donated.

International participation played a fundamental role in this campaign, which received support from our offices and concessions in the United States, Colombia, Portugal, Ireland, Slovakia and, of course, our headquarters in Madrid and the Spanish highways.

As an example, here is the message we received from the Madrid Food Bank: “Your donation, along with that of many other people like you who have a strong sense of solidarity, will help to alleviate the serious situation suffered by many people, who survive from day-to-day on severely limited means.”



407 ETR Employees Support Vital Community Service Agencies Throughout the GTHA

On June 21, 2017, as part of 407 ETR’s “One Big Day” event, over seventy 407 ETR staff members volunteered at various community service agencies throughout the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

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The LBJ, NTE, and NTE 35W motorways stand side by side with those affected by Hurricane Harvey 

As part of the $1 of aid each journey to help the Red Cross on Cintra motorways in Dallas, LBJ, NTE, and NTE 35W donated $45,000 last Saturday, the 2nd of September.

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