Adjudication 5/06/2019

I-77 Opens its Northern Section

I-77 highway opened its northern section, from Hambright Road to Exit 36 in Mooresville, last June 1.


Thanks to this opening, drivers can live their first experience on the express lanes, which are operated and maintained by I-77 highway, as part of a public-private partnership with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT).

“We are excited for drivers to start using this section of the express lanes, as we offer a new transportation choice along the I-77 express corridor,” said I-77 express CEO Javier Tamargo. “The private investment in I-77 has been instrumental to deliver this project and other infrastructure improvements along the existing portion of I-77 sooner for the State of North Carolina and motorists.”


I-77  express runs adjacent to the existing general purpose lanes. Drivers will have the option of using the express lanes for more reliable travel times, the general purpose lanes or a combination of both. The number of free general purpose lanes remains the same. The express lanes have signage one-quarter mile ahead of each segment that clearly displays the transponder toll rate applicable to drive that segment. The toll rate displayed when entering I-77 is the price motorists will be charged for that segment.

Drivers can take a virtual ride now on I-77 by visiting www.i77express.com.

To learn more about the highway here.




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