News 15/01/2019

Managed Lanes' innovative solution for the urban congestion

This solution upgrades and sustains existing lanes charging optional use of new ones only

Nicolás Rubio, Head of Operations of Cintra, has published an interesting article in the magazine Revista de Obras Públicas, about the future of big cities mobility, explaining how do the Cintra’s Managed Lanes operating in USA work, and their possible applications in highways entering cities like Madrid and Barcelona.

Managed Lanes are privately developed capacity expansions to congested urban highways. Dynamic toll, varying through the day depending on actual highway congestion, is charged for usage of the new optional lanes. Existing lanes are reconstructed in the process, and remain toll-free.

State of the art design and tolling technology is essential in this innovative solution, which is both efficient and effective by minimizing overall investment and public funds and better solving the congestion problem. It gets strong public support because of the excellent service it provides. And for all these reasons, it is politically sound.

Download here the full article.


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Cintra promotes Managed Lanes on Digital Enterprise Show (DES2018)

Cintra promotes Managed Lanes on Digital Enterprise Show (DES2018). The Managed Lanes improve mobility by reducing traffic congestion.

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P3’s & Managed Lanes Highlighted at Irving Transportation Summit

Cintra, Ferrovial Agroman and the LBJ/NTE/35W team in North Texas recently sponsored and participated in the 2018 Irving Transportation Investment Summit.

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