Premios 16/11/2018

Western Roads Upgrade wins two prizes at the PPP Awards 2018

The Western Roads Upgrade took the awards for Best Road/Bridge/Tunnel Project
and Best Financial Structure at the Asia-Pacific PPP Awards 2018.

Jose Espinosa, CEO of Netflow Western Roads Upgrade, said: “We are very proud of these awards, not only because it marks us as Australia’s top infrastructure project — which opens the door to other projects here — but also because it is the first project since the financial crisis to have been part-funded with bonds.”

The Western Roads Upgrade is the largest single investment project in arterial roads in the State of Victoria (Australia) and the first availability-style PPP project in Australia of this kind.

The AUD 1.8 billion project includes 8 road-widening and upgrade works as well as 45 projects of bridge and pavement rehabilitation works, coupled with a program for end-to-end maintenance of over 800 kilometers of lanes in Western Melbourne for 20 years.

See the full list of prize-winners here.